School’s Open-Air Gym Inaugurated

On 5th May, 2016 coinciding with Parents- Teachers meeting, the School’s open Gym was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, the Nanong Gup Mr. Sonam Jamtsho.

startgim1Five sets of equipments for the open Gym was funded by WHO and was provided to the school by the Dzongkahg Health officer, Pemagatshel Hospital

The school, which was established just a year ago, added to its facilities an open Gym with the main motive to promote healthy lifestyle amongst the students. Despite the school being located in one of the remotest parts of the county, the school is successful in installing the modern facilities like that of the open Gym which is still lacking in most of the schools in urban areas. “Where there is a will there is a way” has been proved very successfully with this installation.

The school students are lucky to have all facilities such as football ground, volleyball court, basketball court, a prayer wheel, library, internet facilities and now the open-air gym. In the past, the area which was considered to be very backward is now in the process of development at a faster rate.

playgimThe School Principal, Mr. Ugyen Wangdi, during the Parents-teachers meeting said that even the parents can make best use of the open-air gyms set up near the School’s Volleyball court.

The open-air gym, Principal informed the students, should be utilized well by everyone, irrespective of their age.

Principal also expressed safety concerns and emphasized the need to take care of the gym equipment, so that it can benefit the students in a longer run.

After the inaugural ceremony, the chief Guest, Principal, Staff and the Parents proceeded to the MPH to begin the Parents-Teachers meeting where the important agenda for smooth functioning of the school was discussed.

By Tika Devi Chauhan

UNESCO Club Coordinator

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