Blessed, we all Bhutanese are
For we were once under your dynamic care and rule.
At such a tender age, when we cannot imagine of leading our own life
You were there serving and working for us.
Thank you Your Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo
For taking care of us and the country
Not only during the peaceful times,
But also during those difficult times.

Age Seventeen is the peak of enjoyment for all
But for you…. you took it the other way round.
Instead of enjoyment, you chose to take up the responsibility of the whole nation.
And you just didn’t take up the responsibility,
You successfully fulfilled those responsibilities.
You gifted the country and its people
With peace and stability, happiness and a lot of development.

I still remember some of the incidences
Where by our country was threatened by some untoward situations.
But instead of letting the people face those difficulties by themselves,
You were there in the battlefield
Standing like a shield,
Safe-guarding the people and the country
From those who had cast their evil eyes on our peaceful state.

Your far-sightedness took us to a great height of development.
Under your dynamic rule,
The country witnessed the education of almost all the youth,
Received free medical facilities,
Those poor and landless got land,
And the country got connected with the world.
With just a click of a button,
Today even the most remote places of the country
Can see how the outside world looks like.
Those things that we couldn’t have imagined,
You made it possible and gifted us with it.

You showed the world the existence of a small nation like Bhutan,
You proved the world how this small nation can also teach the greatest lesson.
With your concept of Gross National Happiness,
You taught the world how the happiness matters more than mere development.
You are such a great King,
Who, without being asked, gave all the powers to the people.

Truly speaking, no country ever got
Nor will ever get a Great King like you
Who can sacrifice everything for the happiness of the people.

Thank you Your Majesty for being our King, our Guardian, our Guide and our Shield
Thank you for giving us peace, happiness and freedom
And thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for us.

Your Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo,
With a pure heart and Mind
I wish for your long a peaceful life
And may this country see your smile and find your presence forever and ever.
For everything you have done for US, the people and the country.

Exactly four years back, a great event hit the country
With a blast of happiness and peacefulness.
13th October, 2011 witnessed a grand festivity
When the two heavenly made for each other soul became one
For all the people to remember and rejoice in all the times to come.

Pungthang Dewa Chhenpoi Phodrang, Punakha—
The very place where the most joyous occasion took place
In the presence of thousands of well-wishers.
The dream marriage of fairy tale was made possible there
When the most dynamic and truly compassionate King
Tied a knot in a most unique and traditional way,
With ever-charming and equally compassionate Queen—
Gyel Tsuen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck.

Thousands of people witnessed
The most eagerly awaited Royal wedding
With lots of Good wishes, Happiness and Enthusiasm.
Time, for the first time forgot its movement;
When the brocade crown felt wobbly
On the gently bowed bride’s head.
Indescribable smiles flashed on the faces of the awestruck audience
When the Groom tenderly lifted the bride’s chin
With his soft finger and a charming smile on his face.
Yes! That was the very moment we all waited for
Which had the power even to stop the time
And enthrall the mass under its magnificent spell.

Truly, such a moment cannot be forgotten,
By today’s nor the future generation to come.
On such a joyous occasion,
All the Bhutanese joined their hands
With the same wish and prayer
For their love and relation to last for eternity.

All of us celebrated that blissful occasion as one;
Symbolizing the unity of Bhutanese family
And made the Royal Wedding
A commendable one for the world,
To witness, appreciate and remember
The truly magical and historical union of our Royal Couple
Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangchuck with Azhi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck

Written by: Ms. Tika Devi Chauhan, Teacher