Captains Role

Student Office Bearers 

Student Office Bearers are an integral part of school administration and they assist the school in the following ways:

School Captain

1. Coordinate and supervise all student activities under the guidance of School Administration
2. Assisted by other House Councilors and Coordinators/Class Monitors
3. Should act as a mediator/bridge between the students and the Office for smooth functioning of the school

House Captains

1. Coordinate and supervise all house activities under the guidance of Housemasters and School Administration
2. Manage hostel cottages and dining hall under the guidance of wardens/matrons and Student Mess Superintendents
3. Provide guidance and support to students/house members
4. Take full responsibility of all equipment and items issued
5. Should act as a mediator/bridge between the students and the Office for smooth functioning of the school.

Class Monitors

1. To maintain peace and decorum in the classroom at all times whether or not there is teacher in the class
2. Visiting toilet after every period is strictly prohibited and the class captain is to ensure the strict compliance of this. Should there be any students loitering outside in the pretext of visiting toilet during the working/class hours, class captain shall hold responsible for his/her own member
3. Maintenance of cleanliness inside and outside the classroom should be ensured throughout the academic year.
4. Class room cleaning roster should be prepared for the year
5. Responsible for maintaining class log-book and any absentee should be reported to the class teacher instantly
6. Class captain is required to report first to the class teacher and then only to the Authority if there is a problem
7. Care of class property is of paramount and class captain should be responsible for taking charge of this
8. Supervise SUPW as and when the task is assigned class wise.

Games Captain

1. Help games incharge to conduct games and sports
2. Facilitates the sports events with appropriate equipments
3. Accountable for the equipment issued
4. Coordinate games/sport/morning PT when incharge is unavailable

Prayer Captain

1. Conduct morning and evening prayer
2. Look after the alter in the prayer hall
3. Prepare and light butter lamps, makes water offerings and burn incense in the prayer hall
4. Maintain the attendance register for the evening prayer
5. Lead the grace before the meals
6. Helps prayer incharge to conduct prayers and annual school Rimdo
7. Takes care of religious items
8. Maintain discipline in the prayer hall.

Health Captain

1. Assists health incharge at time of all the health related activities
2. Takes care of the sick students
3. Informs to warden/matron as and when students falls sick
4. Ensures cleanliness of the students’ hands, plates and mugs before meals
5. Looks after the general cleanliness of the students


1. Rings bell on time for all school related activities
2. Rings periodical bell on time when there is no school caretaker.

School Agriculture Captain

1. Helps agriculture incharge to carry out agriculture activity
2. Supervise the agriculture work
3. Takes care of agricultural gardens
4. Takes care of vegetable gardens and orchards
5. Takes care of animals raised in the school
6. Sells vegetable with proper accounts in consultation with the SAP incharge

Cultural Captain

1. Helps the cultural incharge to coordinate cultural programme of the school
2. Takes care of the cultural items
3. Coordinates the cultural programme when the incharge is unavailable
4. Initiates the cultural programmes at time of need

WFP and Mess Captain

1. Ensures cleanliness of the WFP/Mess, kitchen, dining hall and serving counter
2. Supervise meals
3. Ensures the proper storage of ration to avoid damage
4. Learns about ration scale to be issued as per the ration scale and mess menu
5. Verifies physical stock and signs on the bills/vouchers
6. Accountable for loss and damage of the kitchen items
7. Restricts students from entering the kitchen

Light Captain 

1. Assists light incharge to repair the electrical work
2. Switches off the light when not needed
3. Takes care of electrical appliances
4. Arrangement of mike set for morning assembly
5. Arrangement of mike sets during school’s programme

Vice captains

1. Assisting the captains and working closely with them
2. Looking after works in absence of captains

Furniture Captain

1. Assisting furniture teacher in-charge in taking care of Furniture
2. Helping teacher in-charge to labeling, repairing, arranging and distributing to the classes

Sanitation Captains:

1. Caring bathroom, latrine, water tank and urinary pots
2. Maintaining taps and supply of water

Water Captains:

1. Checking water in the tank and taps.
2. Reminding school administration/staff concerned on lack of water supply.

TV Captains:

1. Taking care of TV, Receiver, Remote Controller, Player, Extension Cord, etc
2. Operate and make access to students to watch during meals & weekends.

Roles of Mess Captains

• Assist mess superintendent and incharges
• Should know daily ration scale for each child
• Hear complaints and bring to the notice of the authority
• Maintain cleanliness in the store and responsible for keeping the food staff safe.