Mess Management:

In order to feed our children effectively the school mess will be managed by a committee comprising of Mess Superintendent, Incharge (Supporting Staff), mess captains and members (Staff and students). The Mess Incharges shall rotate after every month based on the timetable.


  • To give greater responsibility to the students through In-charge in managing their own mess and thus inculcate amongst them necessary qualities of leadership and virtues of responsibility and accountability for ultimate application in their later adult lives.
  • To facilitate the students to have a major say about the kind of food they would like to have at their respective mess within the given budgetary ceilings.
  • To derive maximum benefits in favour of the students from every single ngultrum budget available in form of stipends through:
    • Getting better deals during procurement
    • Reducing wastage during storage and food preparation
    • Devising better control systems with a view to avoiding misuse and corruption of stipends or food items

 Note: The Head/SMT will ensure that no staff maintain private pigs and other domestic animals within and in the vicinity of the school. Any staff found to be indulging in such activities shall be liable for serious disciplinary actions, including termination of their services.

The following are the functions of the Mess Committee:

  • Prepare hostel menu
  • Check if the students are fed well as per the menu
  • React to the complaints of the students professionally and take proper follow up.To give/provide healthy, nutritious and balanced diet as per the menu drawn by the committee;
  • Procurement and the issue of food stuff monthly and daily respectively;
  • Maintain proper record and disbursement of bills, purchase made from the FCB/local shops by floating tenders where suppliers come to supply;
  • Maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in the kitchen;
  • Maintain proper code of conduct during meal hours including table manners.
  • Check cleanliness of the cooks.
  • Maintain billboard.

Mess In-Charge

The following are the roles and responsibilities of Mess In-Charge:

  • Maintaining receipts and issue records;
  • Making requisitions and preparation of the commodity report.
  • Maintaining tidiness and cleanliness in the store;
  • Selling/putting into productive use empty containers and bags and maintaining accurate records;
  • Being responsible and liable to answer for shortage/excess of commodities stock
  • Prepare and send quarterly students report.
  • Shall be accountable for receiving the loads safely
  • Issuing ration daily
  • Supervising cooks and maintaining hygiene in the kitchen
  • Supervising meals and maintaining disciplines

(Signature of Bidder)

Roles of Mess Captains

  • Assist mess superintendent and in charges
  • Should know daily ration scale for each child
  • Hear complaints and bring to the notice of the authority
  • Maintain cleanliness in the store and responsible for keeping the food staff safe.


Procedures for the Award of Quotation

  • The tender will be floated to license holders for foodstuff and vegetables. However, vegetables could be given to general public of the locality to promote rural economy of farmers.
  • Tender should be floated in the end of the year by school for next academic year.
  • Tender form should be submitted to the school within one week after the quotation call is made.
  • The tender will be opened in presence of mess committee. The lowest bidder will be awarded.
  • Once the quotation is awarded to the lowest bidder the supply of commodities should be on time under any circumstances.
  • If supplier denies or withdraws then he/she shall refund 25% of the total amount from the total months served in the specified year.
  • If the supplier surrender or fail to abide by the terms and condition of award of quotation, the supplier will loss candidature in the future.
  • Committee decision will be final and binding.

Note: The above procedures also apply to the fuel (wood) supplier.


Terms & Conditions for the supply of Food Commodities, Meat items and Others

  1. A bidder who has quoted lowest rate in each item in the form shall be declared as the supplier by the School Management Committee (SMT).
  2. The Contract Agreement/Undertaking shall be signed by the supplier after the award of the contract by the school management committee.
  3. This contract shall apply for duration of ONE academic year i.e. 2015 (February 14 to December 18) academic year only.
  4. The supplier shall supply all required items with proper challans/bills at the quoted rate as per the list of supply order (verbal or written).
  5. The supplier should supply meat items as per the supply order without fail. Incase failing to supply the meat items as specified in the supply order, the supplier must arrange to supply cheese or alternative meat items in consultation with the mess incharge concerned in order to confirm the quantity required for the replacement of alternatives.
  6. If the supplier fails to supply or delays, commodities shall be purchased from local markets at the prevailing local rates. Any extra payment incurred in such incidents shall be borne by the supplier without any dispute.
  7. The supplier should reach the commodities/items to the School Mess Store and hand over the commodities to the Mess Incharge of the month properly along with challans/bills.
  8. The supplier shall bear the unloading and transportation charge of 200/- for below One Ton and Nu. 800/- for above one Ton in case of lifting commodities/items from the school gate or within school compound to the school mess store.
  9. Mismatch in the quantity received and quantity mentioned in the Bills shall be informed verbally or in writing by the school and supplier shall make amendments in the bills accordingly.
  10. The supply of any spoilt or date expired food items (detected at the time of receiving or within ONE week after receiving) shall be replaced by the supplier within the time framework given by the mess management committee.
  11. Payment shall be made on a monthly basis upon the receipt of the stipend from the Dzongkhag Administration, Pemagatshel which probably shall fall in the first week or within ten days of the following month. The payment shall be made by the School Mess In-charge of the particular month with proper payment records. Supplier shall provide money receipts for all payments.
  12. If the supplier is unable to supply the commodities, s/he shall intimate the School Mess Management Committee in writing with justifiable reasons well in advance and the committee shall take appropriate decision/action. Under no circumstances, shall this hamper the management of school mess.
  13. The commodities/items supplied will be examined and weighed/measured to see whether the commodities/items are supplied as per quality and quantity specified in the supply order by the Mess Incharge of the month.
  14. The winner of the tender bid will be awarded to the lowest rate of each item for food commodities and meat items as specified in the list/form.
  15. No advance payment shall be entertained without the supply of commodities or items of the particular month.
  16. The winner of bid for food commodities and meat items will be not allowed to hand over to the other persons on failing to supply the commodities/items.
  17. The committee’s decision shall be final and binding with regard to anything related to the supply of commodities and shall reserve the authority to connote the meaning of the Terms and Conditions outlined above including this if there shall be any disputes. If the winner of the bidder fails to supply as mandated by Terms and Conditions, then the school management will assign to the second lowest bidder.