Vision and Mission

A Model Learning Centre committed to producing academic excellence in pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Yelchen Central School shall strive to promote and produce quality education through quality school management system, quality curriculum practices, quality teaching-learning materials, quality infrastructures and safe, secure and conducive learning environment.

1. To develop and implement sound educational policies and programmes.
2. To create GNH-infused learning environment that ensures safe and secure environment to both teachers and students physically and psycho-socially.
3. To provide equitable and inclusive quality education.
4. To provide students with high standard and effective academic and non-academic delivery of contents for the optimum development of the personality and thinking.
5. To improve growth in professionalism in teachers through professional development programme.
6. To provide the best and appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude, values, civic responsibilities and intellectual patriotism in order to cope up with the challenges of the 21st century through organized curricular and non-curricular activities.
7. To promote co-operative learning and communication skills.
8. To develop and nurture leadership abilities in all students through meaningful engagement of students in programmes.
9. To inculcate the thirst for knowledge in order to becoming lifelong learners.
10. To enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency and responsiveness through establishment and institutionalization of “Democratic form of Management” in the school.
11. To provide quality wholesome education in a way that best suits the need of the learners and changing times.
12. To produce IT informed and literate students.
13. To inculcate and foster a sense of pride and appreciation for our rich and unique cultural and traditional heritage that we have inherited for national identity.
14. To develop 21st century abilities in our students to be able to face and survive in the ever changing world.
15. To develop reading habit in every student for intellectual maturity through effective library classes, literary activities and reading hours.
16. To develop life-related skills (Affective, Cognitive and psycho motor) in students through formation and conducting of different clubs and programmes.
17. To make optimum use of the available resources to enhance learning activities.
18. To develop physical fitness and social maturity in every student through games and sports.

Core Values:
1. Character
2. Morality
3. Passion
4. Integrity & Punctuality
5. Quality
6. Resilience
7. Respect
8. Right attitude
9. Accountability
10. Team work & Cooperation
11. Commitment & Dedication
12. Compassion
13. Creativity
14. Confidence
15. Cleanliness
16. Care & Ownership
17. Loyalty & Courtesy
18. Honesty
19. Patriotism
20. Volunteerism
21. Friendliness
22. Fairness
23. Participation
24. Discipline

1. All people can learn.
2. All people want to learn.
3. Quality learning experiences over quantity.